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The Full Story


Speak Up! is an initiative of the Lachlan Arts Council to provide rural and regional children with equality of access to a speech and drama program, providing a pathway to further education and involvement. 

The competition's birth in 2020 provided an alternative to face-to-face eisteddfod's and public speaking competitions in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it has proved to be more valuable to rural families than anticipated, so has continued on to support talented rural children to achieve their creative potential. 

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Our mission is to provide rural and regional children with equality of access within the creative arts sector. We achieve this by hosting a free online speech and drama competition that aims to further the engagement of talented rural children through scholarships and mentoring programs.  



Our vision goes far beyond this competition, and far beyond the success of each individual child. We hope to build a new pathway for rural and regional families and communities - one where remoteness, finances or lifestyle do not hinder the younger generation's ability to participate fully in creative arts programs. 

Speak Up Coordinator Lucy Kirk (CENTRE) with Condobolin CWA Group President, Jean Piper (LEFT) and Lachlan Arts Council Representative, Heather Blackley (RIGHT).

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